Tips to Prepare for Root Canal Therapy

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Tips to Prepare for Root Canal Therapy

Modern root canals are quick and painless, but the idea of this dental treatment can still sound a bit scary.

However, getting a root canal in Mississauga can actually save your natural tooth, preventing the need for extraction down the road. Our dental team extracts damaged or infected tooth pulp before sealing your tooth during your root canal.

It may sound intimidating, but with a local anesthetic, we ensure a pain-free process.

With a bit of preparation, you can ensure a simple, smooth appointment.

Here’s what our dentist recommends:

Avoid the Following Before a Root Canal

First, there are some things NOT to do prior to your appointment including:

  • Skipping food or meals
  • Stressing about the treatment
  • Letting your worries buildup
  • Holding in questions or concerns you may have
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Smoking or tobacco use

How to Prepare for a Root Canal in Mississauga

All of the above can lead to issues during your procedure. Instead, focus on these ways to positively prep for your treatment:

  • Eat beforehand

    : You likely cannot eat directly after your root canal thanks to the anesthesia, which is why we recommend eating a well-balanced meal before your visit.
  • Prepare for recovery

    : It doesn’t take long to recover from a root canal, but you may face some minor pain or discomfort. Get your ice packs and ibuprofen ready!
  • Get a good night’s sleep

    : Sleep is vital for healing and managing emotions. Focus on getting a good rest before your procedure. Use relaxation methods if you’re facing stress.
  • Ask your questions

    : Instead of holding in your questions, speak with your dentist before the root canal procedure. Ask away and express any concerns.

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Visit Our Root Canal Dentist in Mississauga

Taking time to prepare ahead of time will make your root canal much less scary and your recovery quicker than ever. If you’re dealing with a stubborn tooth ache or think you may need this procedure, then visit our root canal specialist in Mississauga today.

Contact us and our team at Schellenberg Dental will examine your dental health and figure out the best treatment solution for you.

Book your appointment with our dentist in Mississauga for a root canal today!

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