Can a Root Canal Help Me?

Can a Root Canal Help Me?

Can a Root Canal Help Me?

Root canals are vital procedures that help you maintain your oral health. They help save teeth that are seriously damaged. Root canals ease the pain that is caused by infected tooth pulp and also conserve the healthy part of the tooth.

There are an abundance of reasons why a root canal can help you. Read on to find out.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a dental procedure that treats teeth that are severely damaged. A dentist removes the infected pulp of the tooth. Then they will gently clean and seal the tooth to prevent any further infection. To help your tooth function normally, either a crown or filling will be applied to the tooth.

Will a Root Canal Help Me?

Root canals are helpful in situations where your tooth has an infected or damaged pulp. A root canal may help you if you are experiencing some of the following symptoms.

  • Your gums around the tooth are swollen or tender
  • Hot and cold foods cause pain to the tooth (the tooth is very sensitive)
  • Pressure on the tooth is painful
  • Fever accompanied with oral symptoms

Why Are Root Canals Different Than Other Procedures?

Tooth extraction removes the entire tooth, even the healthy part of the natural tooth. When it’s possible, preserving the tooth is the best option. Root canals still remove the infection and give you pain relief while remaining the best option by preserving the tooth. Here are some more benefits of root canals:

  • Appearance – Your original tooth stays intact when you have a root canal done, and so does your original smile.
  • Affordable – Many dental insurance plans cover the cost of a root canal procedure. This process also does not require many appointments, unlike some other procedures.
  • Withdraws infection – Removing the infected pulp prevents the infection from spreading to other parts of the body like the jawbone and brain. Removing the damaged pulp also relieves pain.
  • No pain – During root canals, local anesthesia is used, making them painless and easier to recover from than in the past.

Root Canals in Mississauga, Ontario

Root canals are a great option for many people who are struggling with infected tooth pulp. It is always necessary to consult with an experienced dentist first to make sure you receive the best treatment. Our team at Schellenberg Dental is knowledgeable and ready to help you keep your smile healthy! Schedule an appointment for root canals in Mississauga today.

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