What Not to Eat with A Temporary Crown

What Not to Eat with A Temporary Crown

What Not to Eat with A Temporary Crown

When you get a dental restoration including a bridge, crown, or dental implant, you may need a temporary crown. A temporary crown covers and protects your tooth until the final restoration is placed. 

Typically, patients need to wear a temporary rare crown for around two weeks. During this time, you must be a bit careful about what you eat, because certain feeds can dislodge the temporary crown. Temporary crowns are not permanently bonded to the tooth, so you must be careful not to disrupt it. 

There are some foods to avoid with a temporary crown. Today, we’ll dive into what not to eat with a temporary crown.

What Can You Not Eat With a Temporary Crown

Here are some foods to avoid with a temporary crown:

Extremely Hot or Cold Foods

Very hot or cold foods may not damage your crown, but they could cause some discomfort. It’s fairly common to experience tooth sensitivity near the crown, so very hot or cold foods can exacerbate this. 

A few examples of foods to hold off on include:

  • ice cream
  • Soup
  • Coffee 
  • Iced cold drinks

Sugary Foods 

Your permanent dental restoration may not require you to adjust your diet, but when you have a temporary tooth crown then you should avoid sugary foods. The sugar can get in between the crown and underlying tooth, and once they do it will be hard to get out. If the sugar sits there, it can lead to tooth decay and other issues. 

Sticky Foods

You should also avoid sticky foods after a temporary crown. The sticky substance encompasses the crown and when you try to remove it, it can take the crown with it. When a temporary crown falls out, it poses a serious risk to the tooth underneath. That’s why it’s best to avoid gum, jelly candies, and taffy during that time. 

Very Hard/Crunchy Foods

Hard foods also pose a risk to your temporary crown. They can chip or crack it, requiring repairs. Keep in mind that temporary crowns are not as strong or durable as permanent porcelain ones. That’s why you should avoid hard candies, nuts, carrots, and similar foods.

Tooth Crown Mississauga 

Knowing what foods to avoid with a temporary crown is just one important consideration. No matter what your dental restoration needs are, Schellenberg Dental is here to help. We will work with you every step of the way process, and we start with a consultation to determine the best dental treatments for your oral health. 

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