What Age Should a Child Visit the Dentist?

What Age Should a Child Visit the Dentist?

What Age Should a Child Visit the Dentist?

Going to the dentist on a regular basis is crucial to an adult’s health as well as a child’s health. It is difficult to decide what age your child should visit the dentist, but it is important to remember that your kids should see their dentist at an early age.

Plenty parents ask the question, “what age should my child visit the dentist?”

Continue reading to understand why your child should visit the dentist sooner rather than later.

What is the Suggested Age for Children Children to Have Their First Dental Visit?

It is common knowledge that kids need to see a dentist regularly, similar to adults. The question still remains, what age should a child visit the dentist? Your child’s first visit will depend on a few things, since everyone is unique. The American Dental Association urges that parents take their child to the dentist in the 6 months following their first tooth.

Majority of kids reach this mark at age 1, which is the suggested age you should take your kids to their first dentist appointment. Once again, every child is unique, so your child may still not have any teeth at this point. That’s normal, but it’s still important that they visit a children’s dentist in Mississagua, ON by this age. 

Perks of Taking Your Kid to the Dentist at a Young Age

Toddlers and Babies usually have few to no teeth, so the visits are very vast. What’s the point of a dental visit so early in life? There are still plenty of reasons to take your child to the dentist when they are 1 year old. Here are some:

  • Acclimates your child to the dentist office early, which allows them to adjust quickly
  • Builds good memories and relationships with the office and dental team
  • Prevents anxiety before and during appointments
  • Helps parents learn about infant and toddler teeth
  • Makes sure that your child’s teeth and mouth are developing accurately

Kids’ Dentist in Mississauga, ON

What age should your child visit the dentist? Around their first birthday. This may seem like a young age,  but a visit so early reaps many benefits.

To ensure that your child has an awesome first dentist appointment, bring them to our dentist’s office in Mississauga, ON. At Schellenberg Dental, our staff is patient and friendly. We will ensure that your child has the best experience under our care. Book your appointment with our children’s dentist in Mississauga, ON today!

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