Tips for Selecting Veneers

Tips for Selecting Veneers

Tips for Selecting Veneers

Veneers are a cosmetic dental treatment that can drastically improve the look of your smile. They’re able to improve several dental imperfections to transform your smile, which is why many people consider them for their smile makeover. 

Despite the benefits of veneers, they are not the exact same for everyone. Instead, you must personalize them to your specifications. 

How do you know which veneers are best for your smile?

Keep reading to learn how to choose dental veneers that suit your face shape.

Colour Selection

Veneers not only address the size, shape, and alignment of your smile, but they also brighten your whole smile. One of the best parts about veneers is that you can get the white smile you’ve always wanted. 

So, should you pick the whitest veneers possible?

Not necessarily!

While it may be tempting, choosing the whitest veneers is not always the best. Depending on your existing teeth and complexion, the best shade for you may vary. If you are not getting an entire mouth of veneers, then you must pick a colour you can blend with your natural teeth. 

Additionally, consider your skin tone. People with darker skin will not need as white of veneers to enjoy a bright smile. If you have lighter skin, then you may need brighter veneers to contrast. In general, look for veneers that are a similar shade to the whites of your eyes.

Veneer Shape

In addition to choosing a veneer colour, you must also select the shape of veneers. Here are tips about which veneer shapes suit which face shapes:

  • For a heart-shaped face, opt for short, round veneers. 
  • Choose longer veneers if you have a round face, as they elongate it. 
  • Soften a square-shaped face with rounder veneers. 
  • If you have an oval face, opt for square-shaped teeth to give fullness.

Veneers in Mississauga

While you must make a choice about your veneers, working with an experienced dentist in Mississauga can help. Turn to our dedicated team at Schellenberg Dental for all of your dental needs, including veneers in Mississauga. If you have any questions about getting veneers or taking care of dental veneers, our experts would be happy to provide guidance at every stage.

Book your consultation for veneers in Mississauga today! 

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