Temporary Crown vs. Permanent Crown

Temporary Crown vs. Permanent Crown

Temporary Crown vs. Permanent Crown

Dental crowns can restore broken, severely stayed, or decayed teeth. 

They are a common restoration option to help patients transform their smiles. 

When inquiring about tooth crowns with your dentist, you’ll likely hear about temporary crowns. 

So, what’s the difference between a temporary crown and a permanent crown?

Read on to find out everything you need to know about temporary crowns vs permanent crowns. 

What is a Temporary Crown?

Temporary crowns are made from plastic or metal, because both materials are inexpensive. Why? Because they are only meant to last a few weeks. 

Temporary crowns are not a long-term solution. Most often, dentists install temporary crowns to protect the tooth while a patient waits for his permanent crown. 

Permanent Dental Crowns

Permanent crowns, on the other hand, are meant to last several years (10-15). For this reason, they are made from gold, ceramic, porcelain, or stainless steel. They are also custom-crafted, based on a mold of your tooth. 

To make room for the permanent crowns, the dentist may need to shave down part of your tooth. Furthermore, they will use a strong bonding agent to attach the crown to your tooth. 

Temporary Vs Permanent Crown

When it comes to a temporary crown vs a permanent one, here are the main differences.

  • Intended use. Temporary crowns are only meant to last a few weeks, to protect the tooth. On the other hand, a permanent one is a long-term solution for restoring your tooth. 
  • Material. Permanent ones are made from long-lasting materials like porcelain or gold, while temporary ones are made from inexpensive ones like metal or plastic. 
  • Customizability. Permanent crowns are custom made for your tooth, while temporary ones are not. Therefore, temporary ones may not fit as securely. 
  • Durability. 10-15+ years for a permanent crown, but only a few weeks for a temporary one.

Tooth Crown in Mississauga 

The real question is not temporary crown vs permanent crown, as both are part of the tooth restoration process. The Schellenberg Dental team is here to help you find the right restoration option for you.  Learn more about tooth crown treatment today by visiting our experienced dental clinic. 
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