Signs You May Have a Cavity: Early Detection Tips

Signs You May Have A Cavity: Early Detection Tips

Signs You May Have a Cavity: Early Detection Tips

Cavities pose a significant threat to oral health and affect a large portion of the population.

Shockingly, statistics show that more than 90% of adults have had fillings for cavities in the past. Additionally, close to 26% have untreated cavities.

Identifying and resolving cavities at an early stage halts decay and restores your dental health. However, many people don’t realize they have a cavity until the damage is severe and requires extensive dental work.

In this guide, we share what you need to know to identify a cavity. Learn the top signs of tooth decay and how to effectively address it.

Common Cavity Symptoms

Knowing how to recognize the signs of a cavity is the first step to getting the care you need. Here are some key cavity symptoms to note:

  • Tooth sensitivity to hot and cold: Worn tooth enamel exposes the dentin, resulting in tooth sensitivity.
  • Toothaches: One of the most common signs of tooth decay is pain. Persistent toothaches, whether dull or intense, can be a sign of a cavity.
  • Discolouration: Do you see any dark spots on your teeth? It could be a sign of tooth decay. Check for black or brown spots, especially ones that increase in size.
  • Persistent bad breath: Cavities mean bacteria, and these bacteria can cause bad breath. Known as halitosis, stubborn bad breath can signify tooth decay.
  • Bleeding or swollen gums: Cavities close to the gum line can impact your gum health as well. Inflamed, swollen, or bleeding gums may accompany tooth decay.

Effective Cavity Treatment at Schellenberg Dental in Mississauga

Knowing the signs of a cavity is the first step. From there, you must monitor your dental health and visit the dentist if any concerns arise. For quality cavity treatment you can count on, visit Schellenberg Dental. Our knowledgeable dental team offers a wide range of dental services to address tooth decay. We often use dental fillings in Mississauga to address cavities and restore your dental health.

Take the first step towards maintaining optimal oral health by scheduling an appointment with our dental professionals at Schellenberg Dental. Click the link below to book your visit online for a dental filling in Mississauga, ON today. Our friendly team looks forward to providing you with exceptional care and helping you achieve a healthy, cavity-free smile.

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