Signs Of A Dead (Non Vital) Tooth

Signs Of A Dead (Non Vital) Tooth

Signs Of A Dead (Non Vital) Tooth

While our teeth may not look or feel alive, they are made up of living tissue. Every tooth has nerves that provide it with blood supply. 

If the tooth nerve dies, you may end up with a non vital tooth. 

A dead tooth is not something you want to keep in your mouth. If you have a dead tooth, you may need a root canal or extraction. 

What are the signs that your tooth is dying?

Here we break down common signs of dying teeth.

Why Do Teeth Die?

Tooth decay can affect the pulp, or center, of your tooth. The pulp contains nerve tissue and blood vessels. If it is damaged or infected beyond repair, then it will die. Once the pulp dies, the whole tooth will die. 

Left untreated, tooth decay can cause a dead tooth. Untreated tooth decay (cavity) is a common cause of a dead tooth. However, the pulp may also sustain damage from a cracked tooth. 

Signs of a Dying Tooth

Isn’t a dying tooth painful? Not always. Some people may not experience pain with a dead tooth. So, what are the signs your tooth is dying?

  • Discoloration. Is the tooth darkening? Severe tooth discoloration (especially a greyish tooth) is one of the signs of a dying tooth. 
  • Pain. As mentioned, not everyone will feel pain. However, you may experience pain as the nerve dies. 
  • Swelling. Check for swelling along the gumlines. 
  • Sensitivity. Is the affected tooth very sensitive to hot or cold?
  • Bad breath or taste. Does your mouth smell or taste bad no matter how much you brush? A dead tooth may be the reason.

Root Canals Mississauga

In the end, there’s no easy answer for how to tell if a tooth is dead. Do you notice any of the dead tooth symptoms above? If so, then you should visit the dentist as soon as possible. 

The early a non vital tooth is caught, the more likely it is that we can preserve it with root canals in Mississauga. You can count on Schellenberg Dental to assess your oral health condition and offer the best possible dental treatment. Schedule your appointment today online. 

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