How Pregnancy Affects Your Teeth & What to Do About It

How Pregnancy Affects Your Teeth

How Pregnancy Affects Your Teeth & What to Do About It

You may have heard of teeth problems in pregnancy, but is this true or another wive tale? Pregnancy alters hormones and impacts all parts of a woman’s body. Yes, this includes teeth!

It’s quite common to experience pregnancy dental problems, so it is crucial to take steps to maintain good oral health. 

Let’s take a look at the type of tooth problems during pregnancy and what you can do about them. 

Increased Risk of Cavities 

Pregnancy changes hormones. The hormone changes women experience during pregnancy make the mouth more acidic, which increases the risk of cavities. Additionally, many pregnant women experience sweet cravings. Increased sugar intake alongside a more acidic mouth leads to a higher risk of cavity development. 

To combat this, make sure to brush at least twice daily. Try to brush after eating or drinking things with added sugar as well. Make sure to diligently floss as well. 

Loose Teeth 

Another scary tooth problem during pregnancy is the feeling of loose teeth. Pregnancy releases the “relaxin” hormone to relax cartilage in your body. This relaxation is meant to relax the pelvis for delivery, but it affects your entire body. Relaxin affects your teeth. You may notice loose teeth that move a bit more than normal. This can certainly be scary, but it is nothing to be concerned about. 

Inflamed Gums 

A common pregnancy dental problem is inflamed gums. This is most likely to happen during the third trimester when the inflammatory response increases. When this happens, the mouth reacts to any plaque and bacteria. In fact, this pregnancy-induced gingivitis affects up to 70% of all expecting mothers. 

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Along with hormonal changes, a decrease in preventative dental care has an impact on teeth problems in pregnancy. Understandably, expecting mothers have a lot to worry about.  Between the doctor visits for the baby and the other symptoms of pregnancy, it can be hard to find time or motivation for the dentist. However, adherence to preventative dental care is even more important during pregnancy. Regular dental cleanings and exams can help you prevent serious tooth problems during pregnancy. 

Our experienced team at Schellenberg Dental is here to help you prevent and treat any pregnancy dental problems. Our online scheduling portal makes it easy for you to find a time that works for you and your baby. Schedule your appointment at our dentist office in Mississauga by clicking the button below. 

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