A Parent’s Guide to Children’s Dental Health

Small Child Brushing Her Teeth

A Parent’s Guide to Children’s Dental Health

Healthy dental habits should start in childhood and continue throughout life. Ensure a strong foundation for your child’s future oral well-being with proper dental care. 

Nurturing proper dental hygiene is essential, but it can sometimes be challenging. Dental care isn’t always the most fun for kids, and they make sure to let you know it! 

In this article, we offer essential dental tips to help you maintain your child’s dental health.

Introduce Dental Care Early

Dental care should start even before kids have all their teeth. There are plenty of ways to begin oral healthcare while kids are developing teeth. 

Offer safe toys during teething to help soothe kids and prevent them from chewing on things they shouldn’t. During this time, you should begin to clean their teeth and gums as well. Use a damp washcloth to wipe off their gums and emerging teeth. 

Beginning oral healthcare early helps kids get comfortable with it. It also helps set them up for optimal oral health.

Avoid Bedtime Bottles

Bedtime bottles are an easy habit to slip into, as they often help soothe kids to bed. However, it’s not a good habit for dental health. Avoid giving children bottles with juice or milk before bed. These liquids contain sugar that can decay teeth and lead to many dental problems.

Turn Brushing Into a Fun Activity

Tooth brushing is one of the most important oral health activities for kids, especially because it’s something they must do daily. But, of course, most kids don’t love brushing and flossing their teeth. 

The key is to make brushing feel like a fun activity. Here are a few tips from our dental team:

  • Allow your child to choose their toothbrush so that it’s one they love
  • Pick out a toothpaste flavor that they like so they want to brush 
  • Play a brushing time song or video to set the mood for brushing 
  • Make dental care a family activity with everyone brushing and flossing together
  • Create a rewards program with points or small prizes to reward consistent dental care

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Visit Our Children’s Dentist in Mississauga, ON

At-home dental care for kids is critical, but so are regular dental cleanings and exams. Children should come to the dentist by their first birthday for dental care. 

For all of your children’s dental care needs in Mississauga, visit Schellenberg Dental. Our knowledgeable children’s dentist in Mississauga provides compassionate care to help children take care of their smiles.

Contact us at our children’s dental clinic in Mississauga, ON today!

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