5 Most Trusted Toothpaste Brands

Toothbrush And Toothpaste

5 Most Trusted Toothpaste Brands

Brushing your teeth is a huge part of at-home dental care. One important facet of brushing is which toothpaste brand you use.

In reality, some people never try new toothpaste brands.

But is your toothpaste brand recommended by dentists?

Today, we’ll share some of the most trusted brands of toothpaste to consider:


Colgate is a well-known brand of toothpaste available in Canada. Their “next generation” of toothpaste is Colgate Total, which is known for fighting bacteria to prevent a dead tooth. It’s great at removing tartar and plaque, which can help prevent gum disease and stains. Colgate Total is an excellent option that can help keep your teeth white and healthy.


Crest is another fan favorite toothpaste brand. They offer a wide range of different toothpaste options, so it’s easy to find one that suits your needs. Crest is commonly recommended by dental professionals, especially Crest Pro-Health. Crest Pro-Health is an antibacterial toothpaste that helps protect your teeth, and it’s endorsed by the Canadian Dental Association.


If you struggle with tooth sensitivity, there’s virtually no better toothpaste brand than Sensodyne. Sensodyne is formulated specifically to reduce sensitivity and protect tooth enamel. It relies on key ingredients like Potassium nitrate, Stannous fluoride, and NovaMin to reduce sensitivity. It still offers the same crucial benefits as regular toothpaste (fresh taste and cavity prevention).


Pepsodent is one of the longest-standing toothpaste companies, as the first Pepsodent toothpaste launched in 1915. One of the top formulas, the Pepsodent Gumgare toothpaste, includes 2% Zinc Citrate Trihydrate for incredible anti-plaque properties. It can help prevent inflammation and gum infections.

Toms of Maine

Those looking for a natural, animal-friendly option will love Toms of Maine. Toms uses natural fruits and herbs to flavour its toothpaste. The toothpaste contains whitening properties while also aiding tooth sensitivity.

Want More Information on Top Toothpaste Companies?

Of course, there are many other toothpaste companies out there. Choosing the right toothpaste can easily seem overwhelming, but the five we’ve discussed today are a great place to start.

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